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Oxford English Dictionary The definitive record of the English language From the second edition : monkey, n. The MLG. As the name does not occur in any other version of Reynard, m Eng. But it is not unlikely that the proper name may represent an otherwise unrecorded MLG.

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Plenty of space for bulky but safe synthetics. See also Capuchin, moustache, proboscis, squirrel, spider, vervet monkey. Vonnegut Sirens of Titan i.

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The others had attended these functions before and knew that they wouldn't be enough suckers on hand to make any difference whether you wore a monkey suit or rompers. Cromwell Twenty-eight Brass Drakes called Monkeys. Waugh Mr.

Monkey Vine Hughes. It is to hold on to when riding a bucking horse.

Chamier Unfortunate Man I. In a more restricted sense, the term is taken to exclude the anthropoid apes, and the baboons; in popular use associated chiefly with the greenish long-tailed species having cheek-pouches, often kept as pets.

Silencer calculation excel get bov sound without turbo 6.

Maritime Dict. Bet you don't have one like that!

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A machine consisting of a heavy hammer or ram working vertically in a groove and used in anchor-making and in driving bolts and piles. But it is not unlikely that the proper name may represent an otherwise unrecorded MLG.

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Glenn Smith Thanks for the bombproof pack! Trollope Vis. As you Lookwn have understood, I own quite a bit of cool gear. I consider my free time too valuable to be destroyed by poor gear.

Chesterton G. The explanation in quot.

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There is a huge caldera behind me at 13, feet. Slang phr. A hunting flask. The attached Senior adult cams is at the summit of Mauna Loa notice the water bottle pocket, I put the McHale pocket on my belt to save weight on the slog to the summit. Gore in Inlander Dec.

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Ghetto i. Sykes's Monkey, as it is called after its discoverer, who brought the first specimen home more than seventy years ago, is a handsomely marked species.

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The runners of most of these plants are particularly strong and are therefore used by baboons and monkeys for climbing. Local milf Sherbrooke summer I have mostly used it in "heavy carrying" mode with the side-pockets on. Plants S[ecamone] Thunbergii. A buddy and I went from sea level to 13, feet and back to sea level.

I had to carry 60 lbs lugging 4 gallons of water at 10, foot elevation to 11, and the suspension felt like part of your body. We are in the midst of a little fleet of monkey-boats, deep down in the water with bricks and sand.

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These are merely unglazed earthenware jugs having a small neck and a spout. Powell Mil. Applied to various receptacles for liquor.

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Stubbs Painted Face vii. Buchan Three Hostages ix. My McHale goes everywhere with me.

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One of the monkies, as they are called, sang and did an infinitely torrid dance. The lava was pretty rough stuff.

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A kind of gun or cannon. They overlap each other and clothe the curious, rather brittle snakelike branches closely. Now that my son is a Cub Scout, I have dusted it off and will be using it more often. Dana Bef. I sends him five, an' he on'y sends back three. Next year hopefully it'll see Wyoming and Alaska. loaad

He'd been divorced before and he could be divorced again. That's a thousand, isn't it? Monkey nuts?