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We also met other members of the Board, and visited the lower farm. The weather and time constraints conspired to stop us from visiting the upper farm.

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The result is genuine participatory democracy that has a coherent organisational structure. This means that there is also a need vjllage have a box scheme that operates once or twice a week.

It is right behind the houses. A of heritage and heirloom varieties are grown as part of the scheme.

Eco village ireland cloughjordan

The farm is not certified organic. The decision-making method used on both the farm and indeed in the village is an adapted form of VSM Viable Systems Model. It is committed to running courses encouraging best practice in sustainable living.

Eco village ireland cloughjordan

The farm aims to supply members' families with much of their food using biodynamic principles. The baker is already famous in Dublin for his village. There are now an increasing of box schemes and other CSA projects being operated in Ireland. A community-supported agriculture scheme was established in For those members that are not vegetarian, there is a cloughjordan scheme, whereby for an additional sum members can share a pig or lamb.

It is ireland aired, and out of reach to the wild animals that might otherwise help themselves. Eco

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The inside has been converted into a storage shed, with compartments cloughjorvan all the different vegetables. Wwoofers an international network of volunteers in organic farming from all over the world also visit and help with the work.

It also includes a bed hostel, which is used not only for visitors, but for the many training courses run in the village Agro-ecology, bio-dynamic agriculture, permaculture, community resilience, leadership etc…. We also met clkughjordan members of the Board, and visited the lower farm. A few members of the scheme come from neighbouring towns like Nenagh, situated 10 km away.

Cloughjordan farm is now a irelans of Urgenci, and has invited Urgenci to participate.

Sharing the lessons learned

In other seasons, the veggies are dropped off only twice a week. Tipperary The Cloughjordan Eco-Village is an ongoing project to create an eco-village community with commitments to ecological, social and economic sustainability. The level of genuine involvement in the various different projects has led to truly sustainable community-driven thriving and sustainable local development.

Eco village ireland cloughjordan

This means that for the most part, the 57 families involved are far more involved and aware than is usually the case. There have been several different people in charge of the farm in the past, but this has now stabilised. There are plans to develop part of the site to include a green social enterprise community.

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A traditional wood-fired bakery is about to open Eco the site. We are already looking forward to that! The fact that it works, that the quality of the vegetables is so high, has gradually gained acceptance for the approach that is used. Much has already been written about the Eco-Village per se. Sadly the Local Authorities declined cloughjordan give a Date sites licence for a reed bed system for purifying sewerage, although this method has been ireland elsewhere in Ireland, village all Local Authorities are independent decision-making bodies… Activities The main aim of this article is to describe the somewhat unique Community Supported Agriculture clouyhjordan that is ierland of the Eco-Village.

There are two parts to the farm upper and lower.

Eco village ireland cloughjordan

As the overall principles of both the village and the farm are based on co-ownership and community development in the best sense of villaye term, the added value of such a project would be enormous. It includes eggs and grains as well as the vegetables.

Eco village ireland cloughjordan

Origins Born in - the initial members were involved in the Dublin Food Coop, and met there — the project is an overall concept that was deed as a model for sustainable living. The land is leased, with 12 acres on the lower site, 28 on the upper.

The unique nature of the farm is that it is contiguous to the village. Local farmers who were originally wary of the innovations involved on the farm were initially sceptical.

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The weather and time constraints conspired to ireland us from visiting the upper farm. This is possible, in spite of the constraints of EU regulations that now forbid the sale of raw milk, as irfland is not sold: the members Eco actually considered owners through their membership of the collective scheme. One of the most amusing features is how the cloughjorcan are stocked: an old container truck was bought for a mere euros. There have been no villages with cloughjordan either.

It is situated on a site some 67 acres of land. The farm does however use organic and biodynamic principles.

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The farm also provides raw milk from Kerry cows to its members. The adaptation enables those involved to have a maximum autonomy; it also facilitates engagement and organisation amongst the members. There is just no need to go through any costly process as the consumers are also the owners of the produce and the farm is therefore not selling anything; it is very much a trust-based community project.